Simplifying a complex mining project in record time


Simplifying a Complex Mining Project in Record Time

Consilium was engaged to support a mining company in the delivery of a large capital project across multiple sections of a processing plant. Due to the importance of the project, it needed to be done in an extremely short timeframe.Walking into the early constructability workshops, it was apparent that core elements of the project were being overlooked and the technical engineers were getting lost in the details. After losing several days to electrical engineering workshops, we weren’t in a position to clearly articulate how best to deliver this project – with multiple workfronts impacting different sections of the plant.The turning point for us was to break each of these work fronts down into manageable chunks specific to the discipline i.e. electrical/mechanical. Once they were broken down into simpler groups, we engaged with the site leads who were then able to provide a constructability lens. We also had daily schedule meetings, in which our live schedule was updated to reflect where the focus needed to be directed in real-time.By taking a step back and streamlining the process, Consilium was able to deliver this project in a timeframe unheard of to the business. This basic approach to an $80 million-dollar project saved weeks of downtime – and that’s why simplicity is key to our business model.

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